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aktivehate status and all that jazz

As you might have noticed if you somehow follow the band, activity has been low to non-existent. In all honesty, I feel I lost the drive. The truth also is that life (real life, you know?) has been taking more and more of my time (and money –  as some of you might know, Portugal […]

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News – Remixes and lack of activity

Hey, hey, hey you all! So, if you follow any of the many profiles were I’m at, you probably noticed that activity hasn’t been regular. Unfortunately aktivehate has been a bit in second place because of work and university (yeah, back to school, working on master’s degree!), so the scheduled release (the re-release of the […]

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Concert with Suicide Commando

So, next live date will be in roughly 1 month, in Lisbon, with the almighty Suicide Commando.This gig will be the first one played with the new live guitar player – Cyber Lex – and will mark the beginning of the “always with live guitar” gigs. What this means is that every aktivehate gig will, […]

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